Jesup Police Department Unpaid Parking Tickets
Jesup Police Department - Unpaid Parking Tickets

These are currently our DELIQUENT parking tickets.

(You have 30 days from issance to make payment before fine increased)

After 30 days a letter is sent out to notify you of pending action

Then 60 days your Vehicle information is sent to the Buchanan County Treasurers Office for Tagging.

L=Late, N=New, T=Tagged, SE=Snow Emergency, SE-L=Snow Emergency Late,

Your Registration is tagged with the State of Iowa Treasurers Office. You will not be able to get your vehicle(s) registrations renewed.

You will be required to pay the Jesup parking violation fee, before you can get new tags.

You can still pay your fee at the Jesup City Hall, and they will call and have your vehicle(s) registration cleared.