Jesup Police Department

Full-Time Officers

Chief of Police - Rick Deitrick
Chief Deitrick began his career in law enforcement in 1986 as a Deputy Sheriff for Jefferson County, Colorado. From 1988 until 1993 he was employed by the Gordon Nebraska Police Department where he achieved the rank of Corporal. Rick was also assigned to investigations. In 1993 Rick was Chief of Police at Mapleton Police Department in Mapleton, Iowa. From 1994 until September 1996 he was employed by the Logan Police Department. In September of 1996 Rick became Chief in Jesup, Iowa. Rick lives in Jesup with his wife and three children. Rick has achieved an AA in Bible Theology and has attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.
Officer Andrew Isley

Officer Isley was born in Waterloo, IA. He attended the University of Northern Iowa where he

graduated with a Major in Criminology and a Minor in Psychology. Officer Isley is also a graduate from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. He was hired as a full-time Police Officer by the City of Jesup in April 2011, and is a part-time Police Officer with the City of Evansdale. Officer Isley is married and has one son. In his off-time, Officer Isley enjoys quality time with friends and family, as well as several outdoor activities.


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Part-Time Officers
Officer Josh Evans

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Reserve Officers
Reserve Officer Mark Clark
Officer Clark joined the Jesup Police Department Reserve Program in February 2003. He was a Reserve Officer for the City of Gilbertville for a year prior to coming to Jesup. He was born and raised in Cedar Rapids and graduated from high school in 1987. From there he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and is a Desert Shield/Storm veteran. Officer Clark has completed his Reserve Officer training classes and is looking to pursue a career in law enforcement full time. He has been a Fire Captain for a small community near Cedar Rapids for the past seventeen years and was recently promoted to Assistant Chief. He is also a certified EMT-B. Officer Clark is a full-time parent of three children. In his spare time he likes to hike, bike, camp, hunt, fly planes, and spend time with family and friends.
Reserve Officer Larry Thompson
Larry started as a reserve with the Jesup Police Department in September of 1997. Larry and his family have owned various business in Jesup and he is currently CEO of Hawkeye Metal Spinning. Larry is a graduate of Jesup High School and Upper Iowa University. Larry has also served on the Jesup School Board, as president. Larry's interest in law enforcement stems from his father's career in Jesup.

Ed Thompson served the City of Jesup as police officer from 1950 until 1977. Ed's approximate wage at that time was $5,000 per year. Ed drove his own vehicle until 1958 when the city bought their "First Patrol Car", a Studebaker. Until that time Ed was paid $8.50 per month for the use of his car. Ed's wife ran the police radio from their living quarters in the local motel which they owned and operated until dispatch service was taken over by the county. Ed worked as a police officer in the night and worked at the truck stop during the day which he also owned and operated. Ed was very dedicated to serving his community. Ed passed away in 1980. He is pictured above next to Jesup's first squad car.